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Bears are no longer in the catalogue!
bb5a+m431a.jpg (97260 bytes) Oops!  Who's been eating their porridge!  Someone was at the
bear family's breakfast table and broken a chair too!  Annette loves
her bears and in  honor of her June birthday, has put them together
to form this favorite fairy tale.
Limited and only available until July 31, 2013.
m431a.jpg (54680 bytes) Goldenlocks
M-431a  $72
bb5a.jpg (168104 bytes) The Bear Family
BB5a  $276
BB-17-yell.jpg (97724 bytes) My Holiday Hat (new color)
BB-17  $78
bb18.jpg (833619 bytes) Lost on the Trail!
BB-18  $154
My Holiday Hat bears are smaller than the earlier BB bears, about 2" tall
bb17.jpg (137919 bytes) My Holiday Hat
BB-17  $78
bb16.jpg (761181 bytes) The Bear Faire
BB-16 $98
Halloween Fairy Bear
BB-15  $89
bb14.jpg (391720 bytes) Naptime with Dolly
BB-14 $64 
BB1s.jpg (409502 bytes) Don't be Shy store special
BB-1s $96 only 10 made
Don't be Shy Retired
BB1 $76
Welcome Home!
BB2  $118 1995

bb3.jpg (340795 bytes) Lunch on a Log
BB3  $89 1995

bb5.jpg (452488 bytes) Father's Night
BB5 $159  1995

Just a Peek
BB6  $159  1995

Party Time
BB7  $94  1996

bb11.jpg (168819 bytes) Honey Bear
BB-11 AP  $118
bb12.jpg (266987 bytes) Grandfather Bear 
BB-12 $79 AP
bb13.jpg (675997 bytes) Grandma Bear with Baby
BB-13  $84

The bears are all made by Annette.



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