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New for Christmas 2014
m521.jpg (57620 bytes) Little Match Girl
M-521  $94
January delivery only
M514.jpg (179338 bytes) Visions of Sugar Plums
M-514 $154
m515.jpg (119235 bytes) My Little Snow Globe
M-515  $88
January delivery only
m516.jpg (146937 bytes) Warm & Fuzzy
M-516  $122
m517.jpg (160843 bytes) Under the Mistletoe
M-517  $132
sa1.jpg (108554 bytes) Lullaby Angel
SA-1  $142
sa2.jpg (112105 bytes) Sing-along Angel
SA-2   $218
sa3.jpg (87280 bytes) Loving Angel
SA-3  $98
m473c.jpg (169285 bytes) Checking it Twice
M-473c  $178
January delivery only
m446a.jpg (160086 bytes) O Christmas Tree...
M-446a  $150
bb19.jpg (194070 bytes) Just for You!
BB-19  $132
January delivery only
m518.jpg (111242 bytes) I Have a Little Dreidel
M-518  $68
January delivery only
m519.jpg (172166 bytes) Lighting the Menorah
M-519  $124
January delivery only
m520boy.jpg (119084 bytes) Toboggan Twosome
M-520  $128
a23.jpg (106284 bytes) Snowmom
A-23  $88
January delivery only
a24.jpg (83410 bytes) Snowgirl
A-24  $52
January delivery only

a25.jpg (84320 bytes) Snowboy
A-25  $52
January delivery only
m512.jpg (150048 bytes) Sharing a Story
M-512  $132
m513.jpg (133616 bytes) Two by Two
M-513  $220
January delivery only
m511.jpg (155708 bytes) Grandma's Book of Christmas
M-511  $148
m510.jpg (497658 bytes) Home at Christmas
M-510  $598  3.75" x 5.75" x 2.875"

m510a.jpg (177426 bytes) Cozy Christmas Kitty
M510a  $168

m510b.jpg (98569 bytes) Pot Full of Goodies
M-510b  $72
m510c.jpg (192130 bytes) Christmas at Home Background
M-510c  $184
January delivery only
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