• Marie-Claire
  • W. F. F. Special Sculptures

    Fountain in the park with six WFF pieces

    Young Annette in Central Park
    M-2017  $1,500  3.75″h x 6″w x 5.25″d

    A fairy and a young girl mouse have tea at a toadstool table

    Just A Wee Drop, Sculpted by Willy
    FF-1  $475  2.5″ x 2.25″

    A mother mouse with seven children sit and play around a shoe-house

    Little Mice Who Lived in a Shoe, Sculpted by Donna
    M-189  $428  3.5″ x 3.75″

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    Thatched cottage with mother and child mouse outside looking at large sunflower

    Summer Cottage, Sculpted by Donna
    M-311d  $356 

    Mother and child mouse outside their beach-side thatched cottage

    Spring Cottage, Sculpted by Donna
    M-311a  $324